Mercedes-Benz to recall 2017-2018 CLA, GLA models over steering concern – Roadshow

Mercedes is recalling its CLA and GLA models over wonky steering shafts. Roadshow Mercedes-Benz is recalling 2017-2018 CLA and GLA models over concerns that they could lose steering, according to a NHTSA filing dated April 1. The issue affects 2017 CLA250 and 2017-2018 CLA45 AMG, GLA250 and GLA45 AMG models. It stems from an improperly sized steering shaft bore hole that can […]

The 56 best shows to binge on Netflix – CNET

Searching for a new show to spend a lot of time with on Netflix? Welcome to another list of best shows you might have missed (or might be inspired to re-binge). Netflix periodically changes up its line-up of programs, but its excellent originals stick around. Hopefully you’ll find a hidden gem or two here to keep you entertained at home. Now […]

PS5 restock updates: What's available at Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, GameStop and other retailers – CNET

There are a number of compelling games coming to Sony’s PlayStation 5 over the next few months. But for those who have tried — and failed — to snag the game console since its November release, that doesn’t mean a whole lot. Demand continues to far exceed supply for what’s now considered to be the fastest-selling console in US history. As of April 8, the […]

Best backup cameras for 2021 – Roadshow

Long gone are the days of straining your neck to check your rear view as you drive in reverse. Backup cameras, which were made mandatory in cars in 2018, attach to the rear of your vehicle (ideally as close to the center of the car as possible) and send the footage to a monitor attached to your dashboard, a console […]

Best robot vacuum for 2021 – CNET

Is a consistently clean floor one of your spring cleaning goals? You don’t need a complicated chore wheel or cleaning schedule, and you can put the upright vacuum, broom, dust bin and mop back in the closet. We are now in the age of the smart vacuum, and there are robots to do that cleaning for us. At one time, […]