Mercedes snags a European trademark for EQG – Roadshow

Ola Källenius talked up an electrified G-Class last year and a new trademark filing seems to back up the truth of his words. Daimler Last fall, Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius talked about the company’s plans to electrify its popular G-Class SUV, and now, a European Union Intellectual Property Office filing found by members of the MBEQClub forum and reported on […]

NASA asteroid-sampling spacecraft will go look at 'the mess it made' – CNET

The moment Osiris-Rex touched Bennu’s surface. NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona In October 2020, NASA’s Osiris-Rex spacecraft took a bite out of asteroid Bennu. Before Osiris-Rex returns to Earth to deliver its bounty, it’s going to revisit the scene of the heist.The asteroid-investigating spacecraft will perform one final very close flyby of Bennu on Wednesday to discover “the extent of the mess […]

Light up your life with 16 feet of smart LED lighting for $10 – CNET

Gosund Amazon seller: Gosund Price: $10 with on-page coupon and promo code WXYL6MMF LED light strips are one of those seemingly ridiculous modern purchases — why would anyone want THAT? — until you actually try it out for yourself. Personally, I find LED light strips most useful for bias lighting behind a television, because it really improves the perceived picture quality, but there […]

GameStop files with SEC to sell 3.5 million shares – CNET

Getty Images GameStop appears to be taking advantage of its inflated stock price as the video game retailer says it’s going to sell millions of its shares. Some traders on Reddit, who helped pump up the value of the company’s shares, are looking forward to buying.  GameStop filed with the SEC to offer up 3.5 million shares according to a […]

MyHeritage adds Deep Nostalgia animations for dancing, kissing and more – CNET

Feeling uncomfortable yet? MyHeritage MyHeritage, the genealogy company that brought us uncomfortably lifelike animated photos in February, has rolled out new animations for its Deep Nostalgia feature. Now, in addition to tapping artificial intelligence to make people in still pictures blink and look around, you can use the MyHeritage app and website to make subjects dance, nod in approval and […]