How to Maximize Your Productivity Using Data Visualization

Illustration: © IoT For All Production data visualization fosters ease of understanding and engagement, two core determinants of workers’ efficiency in industrial production. By having access to such detailed first-hand information, employers can take the required steps to maximize productivity and machine utilization. Research shows that the collection, transformation, and presentation of data in visual forms help navigate the life […]

Retrofitting Smart Gas Meter Sensors in Japan

Illustration: © IoT For All NICIGAS is an energy company engaged in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), City Gas, and Electricity. Since deregulation, the company has steadily grown to become one of the fastest-growing LPG retailers in the country. NICIGAS currently supplies gas and electricity to more than 1.67 million customers in the Kanto region, Yamanashi prefecture, and Shizuoka prefecture. Digitalization […]

Don’t get mad, read Stookes

BOOK REVIEW: A guide to thriving as a female leader in salesCheryl Stookes’ short, cheery, book is fun to read, with some very welcome additions to your career toolkit, whatever your profession or trade, writes Annie Turner. Don’t be put off by the title, The Token Woman which appears to mean something different on the North American side of the Atlantic to the […]

IoT Device Management to Enhance Cloud-Native IoT

Illustration: © IoT For All Over the past decade, the application of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on society. Independent of industry or silo, IoT application has provided organizations with more insightful monitoring, enhanced functionality, and key data around critical processes that weren’t available before this technological evolution. Like every other technology and application […]

Does Machine Learning Hold the Key to Successful Automation?

Illustration: © IoT For All New computing technologies have facilitated a flurry of new stimuli in our daily lives. We literally interact with machine learning applications without realizing it. Everything from self-driving cars, to Netflix movie recommendations and fraud detection to shopping recommendations, embody the essence of machine learning. Machine Learning (ML), one of the mainstays of Information Technology (IT), […]

Techniques to Transform Physical Items Into IoT Connected Devices

Illustration: © IoT For All The IoT categorization of devices is often misconstrued as new, “higher-tech” versions of existing products. Take, for instance, IoT-connected smart thermostats or IoT-enabled cars. Today, we have access to thousands of IoT-enabled devices that are iterations on existing technologies that are, without a doubt, making life more pleasant, safer, and healthier than ever before. In […]

Beginners Guide to IoT Connectivity Technologies

Illustration: © IoT For All Today, there are thousands of applications for IoT and many common IoT connectivity technologies. From improving business processes through smart monitoring and designing advanced systems of interconnected devices to achieve an application design, IoT has found its way into nearly every silo of business and technology. One of the most common considerations for those new […]

Why Direct Connection Is The Next Phase Of Industrial IoT

Illustration: © IoT For All Today’s modern factory floor has certainly come a long way. Rather than traditional production lines that operate in silos, industrial IoT has reshaped today’s factory environments by leveraging cloud-connected devices designed to enable data collection and business insight on a massive scale. From networked sensors to wearables and robotic helpers, billions of devices are now […]

It’s time for change: A new era at the edge

For years various industries have been restricted in their ability to process big data sets due to the limited bandwidth available for use in national infrastructure. Yet, the advent of 5G and fibre optic techniques that have expanded capability up to 800G have changed everything. The days of processing at a centralised data centre are at an end, says Matt Valentine, […]

IoT takes a village: The era of the ecosystem

I often talk about the “new product mindset” the importance of developing products and services with the cumulative lifetime value they will generate in mind, compared to just the immediate value delivered on launch day. In the rapidly evolving technology landscape, says Jason Shepherd, VP of ecosystem at ZEDEDA, competitive advantage is based on innovating quickly and continuously improving an […]