7 Tech Tools Make Winter Bearable and Improve Health

Winter typically means more time spent indoors, and it’s common to lose sight of health and wellness goals as the chilly season drags on. Finding the motivation to stay healthy can be easier when you have measurable data you can use to assess your progress (or the lack of it). We all want to see the backend of 2020. Get […]

100,000 people ask Biden, will ya break that 2-2 FCC deadlock already?

Enlarge / President Joe Biden speaks during an event on gun control in the Rose Garden at the White House April 8, 2021 in Washington, DC. Getty Images | Alex Wong Over 105,000 people have signed a petition urging President Biden to quickly break the Federal Communications Commission’s 2-2 deadlock between Democrats and Republicans. Senate Republicans created the 2-2 deadlock […]

Care for Your Wrist with the CHERRY MW 8 ERGO Mouse

It’s not too fun to worry about business all the time. But to worry about your business and worry about Carpal Tunnel is worse. You have enough to worry about this year keeping up with all of the stressors (like COVID) and other uncontrollable’s. Here is one way you can care for your wrist while you type away on your […]

How to use Machine Learning for IoT Analysis

Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been the buzzwords for the decade. These technologies find application in almost all industries, from enabling artificially intelligent powered digital assistants to the supply chain’s automation. They have revolutionized not only how we interact on social media but also how we pay the bills. Here is how to use Machine Learning […]

AI Weekly: Continual learning offers a path toward more humanlike AI

Join GamesBeat Summit 2021 this April 28-29. Register for a free or VIP pass today. State-of-the-art AI systems are remarkably capable, but they suffer from a key limitation: statisticity. Algorithms are trained once on a dataset and rarely again, making them incapable of learning new information without retraining. This is as opposed to the human brain, which learns constantly, using […]

How You Can Use IoT To Enhance Your Business Operations

IoT is growing as more smart devices, from light bulbs to vacuums, give us more control and automation capabilities. IoT can be a massive benefit to all kinds of business operations. If you want your company to enjoy the advantages of IoT, you’ll be well on your way by reviewing our tips below. Increase Energy Efficiency One of the most […]