Hideo Kojima is talking with Xbox, PlayStation’s blockbuster strategy, and more | GB Decides 191

Hideo Kojima is talking with Xbox about publishing his next game, according to … well, according to this podcast. Editors Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti discuss that situation on this week’s episode of the GamesBeat Decides podcast. The crew also tries to figure out what is going on with Sony’s blockbusters-only strategy and if that could have negative repercussions for […]

When Will Chatbots Become Better Than Humans?

How often do you have full conversations with chatbots? It might happen more than you think.  These days, millions of businesses are employing chatbots for sales, customer service, and dozens of other functions, giving people the fluidity and directness of conversation without requiring an actual human agent to step in.  Some of the advantages of this move are obvious; if […]

Microsoft open sources tool to use AI in simulated attacks

Join GamesBeat Summit 2021 this April 28-29. Register for a free or VIP pass today. As part of Microsoft’s research in ways to use machine learning and AI to improve security defenses, the company has released an open-source attack toolkit to let researchers create simulated network environments and see how they fare against attacks. Microsoft 365 Defender Research released CyberBattleSim, […]

Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Video Editing Software in 2021

There are different excellent video editing software on the market; determining one as the absolute best is quite unlikely. This guide puts that decision in your hands. Here, you find a list of important factors to consider when deciding which video editing software is the best for you. These factors include: The software price and whether it matches your budget […]

Apple M1 hardware support merged into Linux 5.13

Enlarge / We’re still a long way away from a smooth, quick boot with a fancy Asahi logo centered on the screen and (presumably) a soothing startup noise. Asahi Linux—founded by Hector “marcan” Martin—has merged initial support for Apple M1 hardware into the Linux system-on-chip (SOC) tree, where it will hopefully make it into the Linux 5.13 kernel (which we […]

How Blockchain Can Help Employees Get Back to the Office

With many of us itching to return to “business as usual,” health experts say contact tracing is critical, but privacy problems have stymied this effort. Adoption rates are often dismal in countries and regions with contact-tracing apps: In the U.S., for instance, individual states’ adoption rests at 1% to 10% (with some states striking down plans for an app altogether), and adoption is […]

Google says the Pixel 5a will launch, but only in two countries

The Pixel 5a render from Steve Hemmerstoffer AKA Onleaks. It looks exactly like all the other recent Pixels. I spy a headphone jack and a rear fingerprint reader. The Pixel’s flashy power button is its one unique design touch. It’s been a wild Friday afternoon in the Android rumor mill. YouTuber Jon Prosser claimed the Pixel 5a was canceled due […]