The Rise of Gen Z: Considerations for Tech-Savvy Tenants

It seems like yesterday that Millennials were the new renters on the block, slowly taking over from Gen Xers to become the new majority. Suddenly, Gen Z is beginning to gain ground on Millennials, entering the workforce en masse and looking for somewhere to live other than their parents’ homes. By 2034, Gen Z — Americans born between 1997 and […]

Report: Samsung may change course and begin selling OLED TVs

A Samsung Micro LED TV in suitably swanky digs. Here’s a product render of said Micro LED TV. Here’s a product render of the 8K flagship. Samsung, the world’s biggest TV manufacturer, may be on the precipice of significantly shifting its strategy to focus on OLED technology. Samsung has not produced OLED TVs in recent years, focusing instead on variants […]

Is 2021 the Year of Digital Transformation?

While all large and successful organizations have already gone through significant digital transformation, 2021 may be the year that small and medium-sized businesses dive in headfirst. Are you ready to join the fold by embracing the next iteration of the business world? What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation has been called a lot of things over the years. And while […]

Our ancestors left Africa both with and without modern brains

Enlarge / One of the remarkably intact Dmanisi skulls at the time of its discovery. We have an extensive collection of fossils from the lineages that produced us humans. A large number of Australopithecus and early Homo skeletons track the transition to bipedal walking and the appearance of features that mark our present anatomy. But it’s much harder to figure […]

How to Make New Friends and Promote Your Business

Being successful in the business world ultimately boils down to two fundamental steps. The first of these steps is to supply something to satisfy public demand at a reasonable price. The second of these steps is to show an idea to the right people at the right time. How to Make New Friends and Promote Your Business Unfortunately, this is […]

The 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid is a mile-munching gas-sipper

This is the 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid, a 48 mpg sedan (unless, like here, it’s in Touring trim, in which case it’s a 44 mpg sedan thanks to bigger wheels and tires). Honda The Accord has been given a refresh by Honda, and that’s most apparent at the front with a tweaked grille and better-integrated radar sensor. Honda Not much […]