February 2021 Guest Opinion Part 1: IT/OT Convergence – Planning to Prepare for the Future

February 17, 2021 Christopher Nichols, Director IT/OT Resiliency & Support, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. IT/OT convergence is the integration of information technology (IT) systems with operational technology (OT) systems. IT systems are used for data-centric computing and OT systems are used to monitor events, processes and devices, and make adjustments in enterprise and industrial operations. In the past, it was not common […]

How Do Delivery Robots Work? How They Safely Deliver Your Packages

A distant future involving robotic package deliveries is now very much a reality. Advances in robotics, GPS tracking, automation, and navigation now mean you might not find a delivery person at your door with your package. You might find a delivery robot instead. With semi-autonomous robots beginning to enter the world, here’s a look at how delivery robots work. What […]

A New Way to Measure Company Culture and Empowerment in a Remote World

Understanding company culture has long been a holy grail for forward-thinking organizations. In general, research indicates that measuring company culture accurately is very difficult, but can lead to positive outcomes. HR, People Analytics, or company culture committees use exit interviews, surveys, or focus groups to measure the accuracy in company culture. Employee empowerment (which means giving employees a degree of […]

Smart Water Meter Management with IoT

Illustration: © IoT For All Background: The Business of Water  It was only a matter of time before IoT technology infiltrated water management. Humans have long been improving the process of collecting, sanitizing, distributing, and disposing of water in their communities. From brewing our morning coffee to washing our hands, we are lucky enough to have clean water readily available […]