Voyagers explores complexities of coming of age in space

Tye Sheridan and Lily-Rose Depp star in director Neil Burger’s science fiction film, Voyagers. A crew of young people on a lifelong expedition to colonize a distant planet grow frustrated with their rigidly controlled existence and begin to rebel, putting the mission at risk, in Voyagers. Director Neil Burger’s (Limitless) new film is part classic space epic, part mystery, and part […]

Microsoft Surface leak: Looks like the Surface Laptop 4 is coming soon

Enlarge / We don’t have any leaked images of the new Surface models, so you’ll have to make do with this 2019 stock photo of Surface models at a Microsoft store in Guangzhou. Earlier today, Microsoft support placeholders briefly appeared for two upcoming Surface Laptop 4 models—one AMD, and one Intel. The placeholders were spotted by @walkingcat: The placeholders are […]

Biden administration: Stricter fuel economy and emissions proposal coming by July – Roadshow

It sounds like we may see aggressive targets from the Biden administration. Bloomberg/Getty Images Congruent with one of President Joe Biden’s very first executive orders signed on his first day in office, the Biden administration’s EPA will present a proposal for more stringent fuel economy and emissions standards by July. EPA Administrator Michael Regan told Bloomberg in an interview published […]

Grand Theft Auto V is coming back to Xbox Game Pass, with Cloud streaming support – CNET

Take-Two Interactive Grand Theft Auto V is making its return to Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s $10-a-month subscription service, this Thursday. Rockstar’s 2013 free-roaming action-adventure is among the top-selling games of all time, and it’ll be playable on Xbox consoles and on PCs. The game was previously on Game Pass, but last year it was replaced by Red Dead Redemption 2 […]