Amazon warns Texas: Don’t pass bill that would drive up wind power costs

Fallout from Texas’ statewide power outages in February continues to spread. Today, the Texas House of Representatives is scheduled to debate a bill that would require power producers to bear the costs of services that help keep the electrical grid stable. If the bill passes, it would “unfairly shift the cost of ancillary electric services exclusively onto renewable generators rather than […]

When asked to fix something, we don’t even think of removing parts

As a society, we seem to have mixed feelings about whether it’s better to add or subtract things, advising both that “less is more” and “bigger is better.” But these contradictory views play out across multibillion-dollar industries, with people salivating over the latest features of their hardware and software before bemoaning that the added complexities make the product difficult to […]

Don’t get mad, read Stookes

BOOK REVIEW: A guide to thriving as a female leader in salesCheryl Stookes’ short, cheery, book is fun to read, with some very welcome additions to your career toolkit, whatever your profession or trade, writes Annie Turner. Don’t be put off by the title, The Token Woman which appears to mean something different on the North American side of the Atlantic to the […]