Apple says Epic's Fortnite lawsuit is a marketing stunt to revive 'flagging interest' in the game – CNET

Apple and Epic have been dueling in a California court since August. Angela Lang/CNET Fortnite is one of the most popular games ever made and soon will be one of the most litigated. Apple on Thursday submitted its description of its souring relations with Fortnite developer Epic Games to the US District Court in California, where the two companies will square […]

Comprehend the Difference Between Long and Short Video Marketing

Which are the best short video apps? Everyone knows that short videos are thriving currently, so what’s the story behind its keep flourishing? Since the day Titkok came, short videos have become more popular, where people tend to show their interests, funny stuff, and all that in 60 seconds. But for some reason, Tiktok got banned in India and then […]

4 Top Marketing Automation Tools Your Team is Missing Out On

Redundancy. It’s the bane of every marketer’s existence. Though the average full-timer works around 8.5 hours daily, those hours can’t afford to be wasted. Marketing teams need to have time to analyze the 30,000-foot view rather than constantly get tangled in the weeds. Unfortunately, many employees must eschew creative brainstorming in lieu of finishing repetitive tasks. The Answer to the […]

How to Utilize an SMS Marketing Strategy

If you’re marketing a startup in the modern world, you should be using a wide variety of different channels simultaneously. Today’s audiences consume media in a multitude of different forms, using a number of different mediums to communicate with each other. Most national brands employ marketing and advertising strategies through search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) ads, social […]

How to Create a Buyer Persona for B2B Marketing

To maximize your marketing campaign reach and get your content seen by the right audience, it’s important to get to know your customers. Where do they go for trusted sources of information? What goes into their buying decisions? Knowing these answers can help you plan whole campaigns that target your ideal customers. The way to do this is to build […]

2021 Digital Marketing Trends: The New vs the Tried and True

Organizations worldwide have had to endure a big hit because of the flare-up of COVID-19. Since then, people have changed the way they shop. In-store shopping, at this point, is an inclination. Purchasers are effectively shopping on the web, and numerous organizations have gone online to keep in touch with their customers. With this monstrous expansion in internet shopping, the competition […]