Where to score a PS5: All you need to know about buying a PlayStation 5 – CNET

Since its release in November, it’s been nearly impossible for consumers to get their hands on Sony’s PlayStation 5. Major retailers, including Target, Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop and Walmart, have been struggling to keep the elusive console in stock. That’s partly due to a global chip shortage, as well as the pandemic, with demand for entertainment people can enjoy at home still […]

Where to get a PS5: What you need to know to buy Sony's new PlayStation – CNET

Had some trouble finding a PlayStation 5 ? You’re not the only one. Sony continues to struggle to meet the demand — and the demand is huge: The PS5 was recently named the fastest-selling console in US history. Major retailers including Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, Target and Amazon can’t keep pace and their limited supply is leaving customers empty handed and frustrated.  As of […]