Coway Airmega 150 Review

I am a big fan of the Coway Air Purifiers. I have a large Coway at the office and last year with COVID issues, I moved to a new location — and I’m currently quite close to the freeway. I decided I wanted another Coway Air Purifier at home and got the Coway Airmega 150 to try out. The Coway […]

Product Review — New Airweave Mattress Advanced

The new Airweave Mattress Advanced is a great mattress. It has many features that I wanted in a mattress. The first is the ability to have a quick movable mattress. When you have guests over who are picky about what they sleep on — it was nice to pull out an option and be able to move it and set […]

Review: Sean Bean gives Snowpiercer a charismatic villain to stir the pot

Snowpiercer was overtaken by the supply train Big Alice in the S1 finale. YouTube/TNT Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) is briefly thrown into the snow. YouTube/TNT Melanie discovers her presumed-dead daughter, Alexandra (Rowan Blanchard) is still alive. YouTube/TNT It’s Sean Bean! He plays Mr. Wilford, who is not happy with Melanie for commandeering his train. YouTube/TNT Melanie is sorry Layton’s (Daveed […]

Portable, Powerful Solar Panel: Maxoak SP120 Review

Our verdict of the Maxoak SP120:Weighing less than 7lbs, the Maxoak SP120 outputs a serious amount of power in a convenient and portable package. You’re paying a premium for the portability though, so consider if you actually need to carry it around or whether a static panel could do the job. 1010 Most portable solar panels are tiny and really […]