The Apple Watch Series 6 is down to its lowest price yet today

Ars Technica Today’s Dealmaster is headlined by the biggest discount we’ve tracked for the Apple Watch Series 6, as the “Product (Red)” 40 mm version of Apple’s latest high-end smartwatch is currently down to $320 at Amazon. You should see the full discount at checkout. This deal is $79 off Apple’s MSRP and about $30 off the typical street price […]

Watch us play Diablo II Resurrected before anyone else can: Livestream on 4/8

Enlarge / It’s resurrected. But is it good? Find out in real time as I get world-premiere access to unrestricted gameplay via Ars’ Twitch channel on Thursday, April 8. A lot is riding on Blizzard’s next remaster project, Diablo II Resurrected. After successfully spit-shining StarCraft Remastered in 2016, the Blizzard Classic team followed with the unforgivable milkweed that is WarCraft […]

OnePlus Watch: premium looks without the premium price – CNET

OnePlus has created a smartwatch. One Plus/Screenshot by CNET OnePlus has entered the wearables market with its new OnePlus Watch, a seemingly high-end smartwatch in both looks and features, but at a lower price than the competition. The $159 (£149, roughly AU$270) OnePlus Watch has a lot going for it. It has a sleek design, advanced health sensors to keep […]

9 of the best films to watch on Hulu – CNET

Hulu doesn’t have a huge collection of original programming when it comes to movies, but the stash it does have is worth checking out. From one of the best new Christmas movies starring (believe it or not) Kristen Stewart, to indies with a unique premise and a couple of horror gems, to an Oscar nominee, here’s what Hulu has to […]